Opinion about Blender tutorials


Eng3doc wants to give his opinion about the most interesting Blender tutorials.  Eng3doc regards  Robert Burke's tutorial, Precision modelling, as one of the best tutorials to learn Blender for CAD experts. You can find this tutorial on this website : http://www.rab3d.com.  Many thanks to the author for his excellent work.

Bearing animation from oscar caballero on Vimeo.

Here is an animation showing what can be done with Robert Burke's tutorial : a little bit of ...

Etincel speaks about Eng3doc


Etincel, a company that supports innovatory projects in Poitou-Charentes, has published information about Eng3doc onto its website. To see the French publication, please visit: http://www.etincel-pc.fr/actualites/2009/01/28/eng3doc-joue-avec-la-documentation-technique-la-rochelle-17 or see hereunder...

ENG3DOC joue avec la documentation technique (La Rochelle, 17) Publié le 28/01/2009

ENG3DOC est un projet très ambitieux de développement d’une plateforme en 3 Dimensions de gestion de cycle de vie d’un produit (PLM : Product Life Management). Le projet est ...

Revolution in the technical documentation with free software

 02·01·2009      documentaciónengineeringinteractivevirtual

The combination of open technology and technical expertise offers innovative products in today's industry. Grupo Ikusnet and Eng3doc have jointly created a revolutionary system of technical documentation used for training both technical staff and beginners and that can include all the technical information of the 3D elements as well as the maintenance process.

You will find hereunder a video of the software in action and see the great freedom of movements, some points of view programmed by the system ...

Testing the Demo

 06·10·2008      3danimation

Title: Testing the Demo

Location: Virtual

Description: Grupo Ikusnet and Eng3doc are working in a new demo to offer their clients the best 3d communication with their information system.

Interactive product documentation from oscar caballero on Vimeo.

Start Date: 2008-10-15

End Date: 2008-10-22

Agreement between Grupo Ikusnet and Eng3doc


Eng3doc has just spent five days in Valladolid, Spain, working with over forty people to reach an agreement between Grupo Ikusnet and Eng3doc in order to achieve a new product by the end of October. We will use open source to create this application and a great amount of  knowledge and resources for both companies. More information will be published at the end of October.

Five days working in Valladolid was a great adventure, plenty of interesting people and loads ...

Animation of a metro headlight assembly


Eng3doc is working on a 3D animation project that shows the assembly of all the compounds that can be found in a metro headlight. This is the first test with volumetric light.

Animation of a metro headlight assembly from oscar caballero on Vimeo.

The animation, modelisation and texture are made with Blender, the rendering with Yafray and the computers used for the rendering are from  witsbits.com.

Explode view


Eng3doc is working in a new prototype to offer to all the train manufactures and maintainer a software to learn how to assembly, to know tool you need to mount, what kind of tools you need, to consult who is the supplier all the items of a cab end. This is a virtual reality software that will be contribute to the performance of the maintenance, educational, marketing departments.