Simulation of light intensity with Blender II

 18·08·2012      anmationblendereng3docgame engineGLSLIPOlightsprototypeRealTime

I thought that if I had to show a carousel of lights like the version one to my clients, they would get a headache just trying to choose the right light intensity, not to mention the pain in the neck with the turning effects. So I started to look for other techniques and tried GLSL and Real time rendering to change on demand. With IPO animation and the light intensity avoiding the turning effect, see the result:

IPO animation with ...

Simulation of light intensity with Blender

 14·08·2012      blendereng3docgame enginelightsprototype

There are many great software that allow us to calculate the light intensity and its environment. This studio can take us a while creating material, calculating light position and, our unforgettable lover, time machine calculation before finding our first viable sketch. But, can Blender give us some kind of prototype rendering scene to solve that?

Let's try with some thing very easy: a cube, a plane, several lights and an empty. Then, an animation or a game engine trick ...

Signature d'Ingrid project update


Signature d'Ingrid asked to Eng3doc to update the 3D project of the Rochefort's Hospital. See the new image:

Signature d'Ingrid wins a tender working with Eng3doc


Signature d'Ingrid entrusted in Eng3doc the creation of a 3D interior design. Signature d'Ingrid create the interior design of the hall and from this sketch, Eng3doc created a 3D architectural image. Our scope: win a tender to build the hall of Rochefort hospital. You will find hereunder some images created for this project by Eng3doc:

I sincerely congratulate Signature d'Ingrid for this success. I'm sure the users of the hospital will be well received in ...



Everybody can download the film  Sintel, new Blender production. I have seen the film and I have find someone famous:

Elephants Dreams :

New animation for LombricEthic

 27·04·2010      blenderanimation3dlogolombricethic

Lombricethic , an enterprise founded by Alan Le Jéloux, 30 years old, expert in compost has trusted to Eng3doc to create an animation for her Logotype.

lombricethic longversion from oscar caballero on Vimeo.

Thanks Alan for your confiance.

Etincel speaks about Eng3doc II


Etincel, a organisation supporting innovating projects in Poitou-Charentes, has published a second article about Eng3doc, explaining the promissing progress of the company. To see the French publication, please visit: or see hereunder (waiting for english translation…)

Eng3doc supported by the county Charente Maritime


For three months now, the business incubator of the French county Charente Maritime has been accommodating Eng3doc's office in the Engineers University of La Rochelle (Eigsi). We would like to thank the business incubator for its support, collaboration and help to improve this project.

Eng3doc en el Show Industrial de Rennes


Eng3doc took part in the Industrial Show of Rennes thanks to the collaboration of STCM ( Eng3doc offered STCM an 3D animation showing their services. Hereafter, you can see the animation:

Industrial Show animation for a Industrial company from oscar caballero on Vimeo.

Eng3doc's services (virtual reality and 3D animation) were very well received by some major companies participating to the Industrial Show. Eng3doc thanks the participants of this show, particularly CREI France, STTM, Alma-Sapex, techni-industrie ...